A Helpless Baby Zebra Is Drowning In The River. Now Watch The Hippo’s Unexpected Next Move!

It never fails to amaze me when different species of animals display the instinct to help each other in a crisis.  Such a moment is captured in this wildlife video of a herd of zebras crossing over to land, while swimming across an African river.  We watch, as a little baby zebra begins to falter when he gets tired and disoriented in the current.

What happens next is truly heartwarming.  None of the other zebras are aware of the little foal’s distress.  As he is floundering, out of nowhere a gigantic, concerned and friendly hippo comes to the rescue.  As the current is pulling the little zebra, the hippo gently nuzzles him toward land.  He stays with the little guy, guiding him in the right direction.

When the baby zebra reaches the shore on his shaky little legs, he gets caught between some giant rocks.  This nurturing hippo stays behind him, still concerned for his welfare, and gently nudges him through the obstacles.

He doesn’t leave the dazed little foal until he is certain that he is steady and headed in the right direction.  This amazing video is set to just the right musical accompaniment, which all the more dramatizes this unusually touching rescue.

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