They Attempt To Get Their Baby To Say His First Words. But What The Dog Says Is Hysterical!

Dogs love eating. Whether it’s their kibbles and bits, stuff they find outside, or a special treat, they’re usually ready and willing to chomp down on it. Even if they come across something that’s really gross to us humans, they’ll give it a bite and see how it tastes. However, nothing seems to taste better to them than people food!

When a dog sees their owner eating, they will hone in on it and instantly become their new best friend. They will sit and watch you eat your dinner, waiting for a piece of it to fall or for you to offer them a bite. Some are more clever than others and will perform tricks or commands in hopes of a reward, like the adorable Australian Shepherd dog in this video. The dog’s owners were videotaping their attempts at getting their young son to say his first words but they captured something just as cute instead.

The clip starts off with the mother trying gently to coax her toddler into saying “mama” while holding up some food on a fork that’s hovering over her plate. She’s offering it to her son who’s standing right in front of her and the food has definitely got the family dog’s attention because he’s right beside the baby begging and whining for a bite!

While the mother’s attempts at encouraging her child to speak are not going so well, the dog is a different story. He’s giving it his best shot and after what sounds like several attempts to say the magic word, “mama,” he works up the ability and finally ends up speaking the word successfully! The dog managed to do what the baby couldn’t and definitely earned a bite to eat!

All the while the adorable baby boy has been standing by the dog, switching his attention from looking up at the camera, to the dog, to his mom and the fork, and back again. His mom’s bribe didn’t end up working but maybe he didn’t like the food she was offering, either way he looks sweet as can be. And one last thing- many viewers commented on the video and noted how the dog never got a bite to eat.

They expressed a lot of concern over this, in fact they were so up in arms about it that the dog’s owners posted a second follow-up clip to this one, showing that the dog did indeed get a treat! All’s well that ends well so check it out, share the love, and enjoy!

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