This Boxer Pup Sees A Feather For The First Time. Now Watch His Unexpected Hysterical Reaction!

At first I had no idea what this dog was playing with. Then, as I kept watching I realized the small object loftily moving in the wind was a feather attached to a sliding door frame. The dog was equally bewildered, but for a much longer time frame, still trying to decipher the strange moving object in front of him.

As it turns out, he actually was a bit terrified by the unknown happenings and attempted to make peace with it in the way that dogs know how; by playing. When aimless bats at the feather prove nothing, the dogs hops about a bit to get its attention and see if it makes any moves.

Nothing results and the canine gets more brave, moving at little closer. Panting in anticipation, the boxer scrapes its paws close to the feather, not unlike a scene from the movie with Chris Farley and David Spade, either Tommy Boy or Black Sheep, when they are trying to catch a bat but unsure if it is alive.

One friend tells the other to touch it and the second swipes his hand just over the creature resulting in bickering banter of whether it was actually grazed or not. So this poor dog is pretending to check the feather for safety but the courage is not quite there.

Finally, after much internal struggle, the tip of the dogs toenail barely hits the feather and it falls anticlimactically to the ground. The investigator jumps back with startled caution but with little information gained, the boxer is as baffled as ever.

He slowly approaches the flattened material and sniffs for further examination. I’m curious how long this excitement continued until the pup realized the feather was far less than menacing.

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