This Cat Walks Up To The Water Real Slow. But His Next Move Causes Everyone To Start Laughing!

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When you go fishing it can be really hit or miss. Sometimes the fish are biting and take the bait right off the bat, but that’s very rare. Most of the time you can expect to spend hours waiting to catch one and even then nothing may come of it. You have to have patience, if you lack it all of the special lures, tackle, and bait mean nothing.

It also helps to have a natural instinct for knowing where to fish. One little kitty proved that he had both patience and a killer instinct when he was captured on film scouting out fish by bystanders. While the exact location where the footage was shot is unknown, the skinny gray and white cat in it was described by the user who uploaded it, MrTheoktay, as being a “street cat.”

The little cat can be seen on some rocks at the water’s edge watching the fish just beyond reach attentively. The cat’s focus is unwavering as he stalks his unsuspecting prey, and if he truly is a street cat then catching one is vital to his survival because who knows when or where he’ll get his next meal from.

There are several points in the video where it looks as if the cat is about to go for a fish, but when he actually does make his move it’s lightning quick and deadly accurate. Like an expert, he gets it on the first try and barely even gets his paws wet. When he turns and walks away from the water there’s a sizable fish grasped firmly in his mouth, mission accomplished!

The crowd gathered beyond the camera’s view who were watching the kitty erupted in laughter and a few expressed shock and disbelief at the unexpected sight. They now all have one heck of a fishing tale to tell their friends and families. While the sight of a cat fishing may be uncommon, cats are natural born fish catchers and everyone knows the fondness they feel for seafood flavored treats.

When a cat fishes it will usually tap the water’s surface lightly with a paw, mimicking the movement and look of a bug. Fish go up to investigate and that creates the perfect opportunity to strike out and grab one. It’s just another clever, smart thing that cats do naturally and instinctively.

Watch the video below and enjoy!

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