How To Keep Wasps Away Using A Brown Paper Bag. I’m So Happy I Learned THIS

Wasps are scary little flying devils that no one wants to be around. They can suddenly become aggressive and if you get stung by one it hurts like hell. If you have a problem with a bunch of wasps hanging around your house and patio areas then you have to check out this video.

It’s from Household Hacker and it shows a really simple method for keeping wasps away from you and your family. It costs nothing and is a lot safer than using harsh, toxic, expensive chemical sprays, like Raid. All you need is a brown paper bag, some newspapers, tape or string, and a minute or two of time.

Take the brown paper bag and stuff it with some newspapers or more paper bags. Tie the top off with string, or tape it closed, then crinkle up the bag so that it resembles a wasp nest. Hang it in an area that you wish to keep wasp-free and you’re done!

Wasps will stay away from the vicinity of the fake paper bag nest because they don’t like confrontation with other wasps. When they see the bag they are tricked into thinking a lot of other wasps have claimed the area and so they won’t dare come in any closer.

It’s that simple. So the next time you notice wasps flying around and putting you on edge, don’t kill them, grab a brown paper bag instead! Life can go on for you and the pesky flying creatures peacefully.

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