This Woman Places 4 Pounds of Onions In a Crock Pot Then Adds Butter. When She’s Done YUM!

There’s a million different ways to eat an onion, from raw to sauteed or fried. However, one of the most popular and tastiest types is hands down caramelized onions. When onions are caramelized they become tender and brown up. They also take on a deliciously smooth flavor that’s sweet, but not too sweet that it’s overpowering, and lose the bitter taste that they’re commonly associated with.

Caramelizing is a cooking method in which a food is slowly cooked over low heat to allow for the natural sugars in it to change and turn into caramel. These properties are what makes this onion recipe the perfect thing to toss in the crock pot and cook up. It’s the easiest way to make a huge batch of caramelized onions that are both affordable and delicious.

The video shows everything you’ll need to know about perfecting this recipe and the following is a list of all the ingredients that it calls for:

4 pounds of yellow onions
½ cup unsalted butter
Salt and pepper

How to prepare the ingredients:
1) Slice up all the onions and cut the butter into small pieces 2) Place the onions and the butter in a crock pot and place the lid on the pot 3) Cook on low for 8 hours 4) Uncover, stir, and season them with salt and pepper 5) Cook on low for about 2 more hours or until most of the juice cooks off

When you’re done cooking you can either eat and enjoy the onions immediately or store them in the freezer for later. It’s likely you’ll end up with a lot of leftovers and if you choose to freeze them they last up to six months in the freezer.

These pair well with a range of other foods and meals. A classic American tradition is topping off hamburgers and hot dogs with them and many people also like them served with steak. Another option is to toss a bunch of the sweet and savory onions into a stir fry to kick the flavor level up a notch. There you have it, now you won’t ever have to go without caramelized onions ever again!

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