This Pup’s Evil Owner Left Him Outside During A Hail Storm. Now Watch What This Lady DOES.

A simple kind act from a stranger can go a long way in the life of another, whether it’s another human being, an animal, mammal, insect and so on. All that it takes is a single moment in time to make a lasting difference and positive impact. Which is exactly what we see on display in this heartwarming video captured in Denver Colorado.

Casey Boatman had gone to shut his front window because water had started to rain and leak inside. That was when he noticed that across the street someone had left their dog tied to a tree outside in the pouring rain. By the time he had gone to close the window it had already been raining and hailing steadily for at least ten minutes. The poor dog looked like his spirit was broken as he stood sopping wet under the small tree and no owner was anywhere in sight.

That’s when Casey noticed that his neighbor had seen the dog as well. He picked up his camera and recorded her running up to the soaked pup, pulling on the leash, checking it, and then running back into her house. She appeared to have troubles with removing the wet leash and after a few seconds she came running back outside. With a quick snip she cut the leash and freed the dog. Then she grabbed his collar and steered him towards and into her warm, dry, open house.

Her simple act of kindness, and choice to not sit idly by, showed this dog that someone cared. He must have been so cold, scared, and lonely sitting out there while the wind whipped and the rain and hail pelted down from the sky above. We don’t know what happened after this, but hopefully the dog’s owner felt bad and had a good excuse for leaving their poor pet outside in a storm.

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This Vicious Dog Spent His Whole Life Chained. But Watch What Happens When They Remove His Chain.

When animal rescue volunteers received a call, asking them to help a dog that had been kept on a chain most of his entire life, they were unsure of what to expect. Every call is different and each time they set out to check on a case they encounter a variety of responses and levels of aggressiveness from the animals. Alex, the German Shepherd they went to help in the video, was so uncontrollable and unapproachable when they first arrived that not even his owner could get anywhere near him.

He barked, snapped, growled, and lunged at the volunteer for over 20 minutes. Alex was completely on the defense and hostile, it appeared that he needed a lot of work and behavior therapy before he would ever be suitable for adoption.

At first, there seemed to be no way to get close enough to him so they could remove the oppressive chain he was tethered to. After working slowly and cautiously they eventually gained enough ground and trust to remove the restraint. They got Alex in the truck and drove him away from everything he used to know.

Within 20 minutes the dog changed completely, and for the better. He quieted down and became so calm that they even felt safe enough to let him out of the truck and pet him. It seemed that all Alex needed was to be taken off the chain and shown some love and affection.

Less than 24 hours later we see the dog sitting in the volunteers lap in his truck. Alex appears healthy, happy, friendly, and full of smiles. He looks like he has never been mean or aggressive a day in his life. The Olympic Animal Rescue group works tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home dogs just like Alex that have no where to go or behavior issues. Because of them, these animals are able to go on and lead fulfilling lives with new loving families. Please consider adopting a pet and helping local animal rescue groups near you.

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