He Takes A Used Beer Bottle And 8 Bucks Worth Of Supplies. The Result I Need THIS For My Backyard!

If you are looking for a way to spruce up an outside patio or seating area then try making these easy, affordable, and unique looking tiki torches. The homemade torches make a clean and safe alternative addition to outside spaces and look a lot better than the average, boring, store bought, ugly tiki torches your used to seeing. The project uses recycled wine or beer bottles and a few other supplies that can be picked up at the hardware store for less than $8. It only takes about five minutes to transform a patio from drab to fab, so try it today!

To do it yourself at home you will need the following supplies; 1 glass bottle, 2 grounding clamps, ¼ inch threaded rod, a roll of Teflon tape, ½ inch copper coupler and cap, and a replacement torch wick. Depending on how you want it to look and where it is going to be placed, you may need to shorten the threaded rod, so try to get a smaller one if possible or you will need to cut it. Also, make sure to empty out the bottles before you get started!

First, scout out a location for where you want to place the tiki torch. Attach one of the grounding clamps by screwing it into place and then attach the threaded rod to it. Then attach the second grounding clamp to the other end. Take a bottle and use the clamp to hold it in place. Grab the copper coupler and wrap Teflon tape around one end so that it fits securely in the bottle opening.

Make sure it is very snug and water tight before filling the bottle with torch fluid. Run the wick through the coupler and set it inside the bottle. When you are not using the torch remember to re-place the cap back on top of the wick/coupler to keep water out.

That’s it! In a few minutes your patio will look fresh and upgraded with these torches. The best part is that they look expensive and professionally done but they cost so little. Make sure you remember to save all the cool looking bottles you drink for this project!

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