Make a Fist, Look Down and See Which Type You Are. It Can Determine A Lot About Your Personality.

Throughout time and history people have sought to make sense of the surrounding world and everything in it. There’s still so much we don’t know about the planet, just think about the pyramids and all of the new forms of life that are still being discovered to this day. However, one of the biggest mysteries that humans have tried to unlock isn’t part of the physical or tangible world at all, rather it’s a mental construct that we all exhibit. I’m talking about personality, which is all of the different personal characteristics and types of qualities that make us who we are as individuals!

Scientists, psychologists, and other researchers have made many attempts at figuring out personality types. One major area happens to involve an individual’s personality being linked to certain physical parts of the human body. For example, there are theories as to what your finger or toe length may reveal about who you are and many more similar types of notions. In particular, it seems that the one physical attribute which stands out above all the others is our own two hands.

The hands are believed to hold the most information about our lives. It follows that many people think that hands can reveal all sorts of subtle clues in regards to a number of human traits and behaviors, including things like the way we act and make choices. A very simple and basic way in which these beliefs play out can be seen in how we often compare left-handed to right-handed people. Someone who is left hand dominant is more likely to be a better artist, whereas right hand dominant people are harder to scare or anger than their lefty counterparts.

In a similar alternative, the way in which an individual makes a fist with their hand can indicate things about their character traits and overall personality type. All you need to do is make a fist and then closely examine how you curl up your hand. Pay special attention to where you place your fingers and then compare the fist that you make with the three distinct types shown in the accompanying illustration.

Go ahead and make a fist, now see if you are type A, B, or C. The results for each fist represent a personality type and once you choose the one you are you can read about what it means. Included is a breakdown of the special qualities, traits, and attributes which are associated with both your internal and external personality. Also, your love personality is provided as well so be sure to check it out if you’d like to see how you’re likely to act in a relationship and what you tend to look for in a partner!

This is super easy and all that you really have to do is make a fist, then compare it against the choices to see what your hand reveals about your personality. Pass it on and enjoy!

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