The Simple Way To Remove Hard Water Deposits On Your Faucets And Sinks. I’m So Glad I Learned THIS

Hard water can be a real pain in the neck when it comes to the unsightly stains that it leaves behind on bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Those blemishes are nasty looking and it can be extremely hard to fully remove them. The ugly spots and stains are caused by water that contains large amounts of minerals such as limestone, calcium, and magnesium.

These metals and minerals are naturally occurring, most often in areas with low water tables and mountainous regions, and water that contains them is perfectly safe to use and drink. The biggest downside to it is the crusty, whitish colored mineral deposits and stubborn stains that it leaves behind, which over time gradually build up on stuff.

Many people struggle to remove these stains and often think that they need strong, harsh chemical cleaners to get rid of them effectively. However, there is a better, more simple, and affordable way to go about cleaning surfaces with mineral build up that has been caused by hard water.

In this easy to follow tutorial YouTube’s Crouton Crackerjacks channel shows us how to clean a kitchen sink. Watch the video for more information and to see how it turns out, and read on to see how it’s done.┬áStart off by placing a bowl in the sink and pour some distilled white vinegar in it.

Take an old cotton cloth, rag, towel, or whatever you have on hand and fully soak it in the vinegar. Make sure the sink is completely dry and not wet in any places, especially the cracks. Drape the soaked towel on the surfaces that are stained and press it firmly against the sink and into any seams or cracks.

Let it sit for an hour, then place it back into the vinegar. Take an old, worn sponge and gently scrub the sink to further remove the hard water stains. You should notice the whiteness coming off and the sink getting shinier. Take your rag and again place it on any remaining stains, paying attention to areas that are more built up, and leave it on for an hour. Repeat the gentle scrubbing as before and you should have a shiny, sparkly, clean and renewed sink!

This works for porcelain surfaces as well, and if you need a quick and easy way to brighten up the commode, read on. Grab a roll of paper towels, distilled white vinegar, and a pair of rubber gloves. Pour some vinegar onto paper towel squares so they are soaked, then fold them up and place them all around the rim of the toilet, making sure to cover all the stains.

Stick them to the inside bowl and as close to the water line as you can get without them touching the water. Then, fill the bowl with vinegar until it is above the stains. Let this sit for a few hours while the vinegar works before removing the paper towels from the rim and bowl, and scrub away any remaining stains. Make sure to fish out any paper towels from the water and don’t flush them because they will clog pipes and the septic system.

This may be the fastest, easiest, and most natural way to clean hard water stains. It requires minimal effort or exertion on your part so try it the next time you clean the house!

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