Can You Answer These Thoughtful IQ Questions Correctly?

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IQ, which stands for intelligence quotient, is the supposed measurement of a limited sliver of the wide range of human intelligence based on the score resulting from specific standardized tests. About two thirds of the population have an IQ between 85 and 100, with about five percent scoring above 125.

Although IQ tests do not measure all types of intelligence, they are useful in that they create a standard by which intelligence can be compared amongst the population, which is useful in many fields of scientific study and education.

Scientific studies have shown links between a person’s IQ and that of their parents, showing that it is a genetically inherited trait to some degree. It has also been discovered that many populations have had a steady increase in IQ over time, which is called the Flynn Effect.

Since the early 1900’s, there has been an average IQ increase of three points per decade. IQ testing continues to be a helpful tool in the field of human intelligence research.¬†One might argue that its use in education or in job placement might help to create pre-conceived notions that limit a person before they even have a chance, but it is also beneficial because it can allow individuals the different attention they might need.

For example, it can help in discovering learning disabilities or aptitudes that otherwise might have taken some time to notice, allowing a person to be placed in a more appropriate environment for their learning needs.

Some scientists believe that social IQ, rather than quantitative intelligence, is the driving force for the evolution of the human brain and therefore intelligence in general. Social IQ, according to its proponents, more accurately defines human intelligence since we are social creatures for whom successful human interaction can mean the difference between survival and its opposite.

Prior to our modern society, a person who would score high on an IQ test, but has low social IQ would be less likely to survive because they would be more likely to be ostracized by their group.

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