Bring Your Palms Into This Position If These 2 Lines Touch It Means THIS!

Have you ever wondered what the future may hold in store for you? The answer may be right in the palm of your hand- literally..

For the past several thousand years the art of palmistry has been used to both interpret and predict the fortunes, futures, and fates of people all over the world. The practice is rooted in Hindu astrology where it originated, and involves reading the many different lines and features on the palms of our hands.

You can learn many interesting things about your love life and relationships, even the time frame for when you can expect to get married. Two lines in particular are linked to love and marriage and in the accompanying video psychologist and therapist Ellen Goldberg goes over everything you need to know about them. One line is found on the Mount of Venus which is located right below the thumb, near the base of the hand.

The second line is found under the pinkie, on the Mount of Mercury, and is also known as the lines of affection. To determine exactly where they are refer to the video and keep in mind that each hand needs to be consulted. Look at your dominant hand to see your past and what the future holds, and refer to your passive hand when it comes to matters of personality, character traits, and other similar types of attributes.

Even though palmistry has endured throughout the ages, and even thrived at different times in history, today most people view it as pseudo-science and quickly dismiss it as superstitious beliefs. Part of this skepticism stems from the fact that people don’t truly understand it.

Instead, they only know what they see in the media where it has been wrongly portrayed in the countless books, movies, and TV shows that touch upon it. So take a moment to enlighten yourself and really learn more about it here and now because it’s fascinating to know that there are hints buried in the palms of your hands which can reveal hidden truths about what your future holds.

Read your own palms here and now, without going to a palm reader, by simply following along with the video and see what your lines reveal. Share this with friends and family, then try reading their palm lines. It’s really fun and you may just learn something about them.

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Count The Lines On Your Wrist, Are There 3 or 4? This Is The Meaning Of Your Wrist Lines.

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Hand reading, or palmistry, dates back hundreds of centuries to where it was first developed from Hindu astrology in ancient India. While it was first mentioned and written about in the Chinese book the I Ching, palmistry quickly spread all over East Asia and west into Europe. These days palmistry remains a practiced art and the insights it can provide us with are fascinating.

One of the easiest ways to read your own hand isn’t by way of your palm, rather it’s by looking at your wrist. Our wrists feature the bracelet lines, which are also known as rascette lines, which run horizontally along the underside of the wrist at the junction which separates the forearm from the hand. It is believed that the more lines a person has, the longer they are expected to live. The majority of people have at least 2-3 lines, while a select minority have 4. However, each line has its own meanings and can reveal important things about our future and fortunes. In addition, health problems are often expressed through the first bracelet line.

The included video goes over more details on how to read your hands in general and below is a breakdown of what the wrist lines each mean:

Line One: The 1st line is more important and telling than the rest because it indicates any health issues. If it appears unbroken and deeply defined, one can expect to maintain their strength and be in good overall bodily health. If it’s unclear or broken and weakly defined, the person is regarded as careless and weak. In terms of years, the first bracelet line signifies the person is expected to live to be at least 23-28 years old.
As to health issues, line one differs for men and women. For women- if the line is broken or curves up towards the base of their palm, they may experience gynecological issues, including problems conceiving or giving birth. For men- if the line is broken or curves up towards the base of their palm it means they may have urinary or prostate issues, as well as possible reproductive issues.

Line Two: The 2nd wrist line is used to measure the individuals expectations of wealth. If the line is straight, unbroken, and clearly defined, the person can look forward to enjoying both comfortable prosperity and happiness. In terms of years, the second line signifies that one is expected to live at least 46-56 years of life.

Line Three: The 3rd bracelet line, if you have one, reveals what kind of influence, fame, or power you’ll have in life. If the line is strong and unbroken, the individual is likely destined to be very influential in their life. They will stand out and will not be forgotten. In terms of years, the third line signifies that one is expected to live at least 69-84 years.

Line Four: The 4th line is the rarest one of all, not many people have this one on their wrist. It runs parallel to the 3rd line and is viewed as complimentary to it. If you are one of the lucky few who have such a line it means that the fame and influence aspects associated with the third line are strengthened and fortified even further. In terms of years, the fourth line signifies that one is expected to live to more than 84 years old.

Don’t forget to check out the video for more great information and details about how to read palms. Afterwards, take a moment to look down at your own wrists and examine them closely to see how many bracelet lines you have and what it all means. Please share this with friends and family and have a little fun with them by reading their wrist lines, it’s not only super interesting, you’ll learn something new about them as well!

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