Woman Gets Her Parking Spot Stolen. Then, She Proceeds To Get An Epic Revenge.

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Parking can be a hot commodity, especially when it’s in scarce supply. When you finally manage to find a spot after circling around the lot or block who knows how many times, it brings you an instant sense of relief and happiness. However, that sudden joy can easily turn into anger and frustration → at this point it’s best you refer to the accompanying video!

If you’ve ever had some jerk swoop in at the last possible second to steal your parking spot, then you know exactly how annoyed and ticked off this woman must have felt. Not only did the other driver take the spot she was clearly backing into, they also parked horribly and way far off to one side. But the driver of the red car doesn’t do what everyone thinks she’s going to do, and smash right into the white car.

Instead of allowing her anger get the best of her, she makes the smart decision to channel it into exacting instant revenge on the offending driver. That’s why she continues backing into her spot, all the while making sure to park as close as she possibly can to the white car, effectively trapping them both in their respective vehicles.

Whereas the person in the white car cannot open any doors on either side, the woman in the red car has a winning trump card up her sleeve. She simply presses a button to drop the top on her convertible, hops into the back seat, and out over the trunk!

At this point all the other driver can do is watch her leave and admit defeat. If they want to get out of the car, they’re going to have to move.

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