9 Signs and Symptoms That You Have a Gluten Allergy and Don’t Even Know It. I Had No Idea.

Gluten-free diets have been touted in the media for quite some time now, leading many to eliminate it from their diets, because they have come to believe it is less caloric and healthier.  The truth is that gluten-free is not less caloric, and eating a gluten- free diet is only healthier for those people who suffer from gluten sensitivity or intolerance.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley.  It is not only found in breads (making the bread rise), but is also found in grains that are inherent to many other foods such as: pasta, livestock feed, beer and cereals.  Because of it’s presence in many foods that are less obvious than bread, it becomes a more painstaking job to avoid it, if you truly are sensitive to gluten.

The following VIDEO that you are about to watch below is presented by Dr. Axe.  He does a great job of explaining gluten sensitivity, as well as discussing the SIGNS and SYMPTOMS that you may be suffering from this intolerance, and what to do about managing it.  If you are suffering from: AN IMPAIRED IMMUNE SYSTEM, EXCESSIVE  FATIGUE, CHRONIC HEADACHES/MIGRAINES, JOINT AND MUSCLE PAIN, A LOSS OF MENTAL CLARITY, WEIGHT GAIN THAT SEEMS UNRELATED TO INCREASED CALORIE INTAKE, DENTAL PROBLEMS OR SUDDEN SKIN DISORDERS SUCH AS ECZEMA OR RASHES, these may be a sign of gluten sensitivity or intolerance.

If any of these symptoms are combined with chronic digestive problems, gluten may be the culprit.  After watching the video below, if you feel you may have a sensitivity or intolerance, Dr. Axe offers suggestions on how to eliminate foods to see if your symptoms are alleviated.

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