With Only 3 Ingredients You Can Make This St. Patty’s Day Dessert. The Result Is Magically Delicious!

The history of St. Patrick’s Day comes from the Declaration which was allegedly written by St. Patrick. Patrick was born into a wealthy family in Roman Britain during the fourth century. His dad was a deacon and his grandpa was a priest in the Christian church. When Pat was sixteen, Irish raiders kidnapped him and made him a slave in Gaelic Ireland. For six years he was a slave that worked as a shepherd. During these years Patrick ‘found God’. When he found God, God told him to escape to the coast, where a boat would be waiting to take him back to his family. He listened to God and sure enough, the boat was waiting on the coast to take him home. When Patrick got back he became a priest.

Legend says, Saint Patrick used a three-leaved shamrock to describe the holy trinity to the Irish pagans. He became Ireland’s greatest saint and was responsible for converting the Irish Pagans to Christianity. On March 17th St. Patrick died, however his legend steadily grew over the following centuries. We wear green to represent the shamrock that St. Patrick used to describe the Holy Trinity. Also, green has been associated with the country of Ireland since the mid 1600’s. Green flags, ribbons and shamrocks have all been recorded as early as the 1680s.

With St. Patty’s day right around the corner it is a perfect time to make a yummy dessert. In the video below we will learn how to make these adorable Leprechaun Hat Thin Mint S’mores. The best part about this St. Patty’s Day treat is that they are super easy to make. Follow the simple instructions in the video below, and those little leprechauns will be coming to eat your treats in no time!

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