Man Notices Trap Door In The Apartment He Just Got. What He Discovers Is Eerily Awesome!

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When you first move into a new place, you basically have to take your real estate agents word about the apartment or house and you can’t truly know what you are getting yourself into until you actually move in. Sometimes you come across things that you would never expect to see. Stuff that maybe was mentioned in your lease but should’ve been. The walls have ears and secrets are held inside the soul of your new house/apartment!

In today’s story, a man had just moved into a new apartment. He began moving his stuff in and unpacking, nothing out of the ordinary all normal stuff. When he finally finished unpacking all his goods he decided to snap some pics of the place to show his friends and family.

He was snapping away, taking pictures of all the rooms closets exc… Then he got to the bathroom/shower room. He took a few pics and realized in one of the pictures there was a strange little metal thing that looked kind of like a door handle on the wood floor near the entrance of the bathroom.

He was intrigued and decided to try and pry open, what looked like a secret door to the unknown. It was pretty strange to have a random door on the floor in an apartment building, perhaps in a house with a basement it wouldn’t be that strange but this just felt weird.

He approached the area, found a handle/hatch and lightly pulled on it. He expected it to be jammed, or locked but for some reason, it opened right up! At first look all he saw was some old boxes and it seemed like maybe it was just an extra storage area that he was never told about. There was some old stuff packed in tight, but nothing freaky.

He still had a gut feeling that there was more to this secret door. So he continued to explore the area beyond where the storage was. He moved the junk out of the way and then saw an odd passage way and some stairs. He didn’t know where these steps would lead to but his curiosity had got the best of him and he was determined to find out what was down there.

He walked down the steps, into a dusty old abandoned space that looked like nobody had been there for years. It really felt like a strange dungeon of some kind and it was pretty unnerving knowing that directly underneath his new apartment was a creepy lair. He climbed back up the steps, past the storage and closed the hidden door behind him. He was pretty scared so he covered the hatch with something heavy so if somebody or something was down there they wouldn’t be able to get into his apartment.

He called up a friend to go down there with him and help him explore. He didn’t think it was something he should do alone in case some kind of creep or monster was done there. When his friend got there they went back down and got a lot further through the hidden network of secret spaces and hallways.

Watch the video below for the full story and a tour of the hidden area:

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