This Guy Drills Over a Dozen Holes In a PVC Pipe. The Reason? I’ll Never Garden The Same Way Again

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Gardening is among the most relaxing and rewarding ways to get some fresh air and spend your time outside. Many people have found that it improves their lives in more than one way because gardening helps to clear the mind and makes you feel less stressed overall.

It also provides you with the freshest fruits and vegetables right in your own backyard, so you eat healthier and don’t have to worry about pesticides or a trip to the store. A garden can also save you money since foods that you grow often end up costing much less than the grocery store variety. Even if you don’t grow fruit or veggies, you can landscape and liven up your yard with flowers, shrubbery and plants.

The possibilities for gardens are endless and the latest design ideas involve vertical gardening and hydroponic systems. Vertical gardens not only look cool, they’re also a very effective way to make the most out of limited space. People have transformed apartment balconies and entire sides of their houses into beautiful, self-sufficient, living walls. Many vertical gardens integrate the use of hydroponics to grow plants because by eliminating soil it cuts down on the weight.

There are lots of commercially available vertical hydroponic garden systems being sold these days but the high cost makes them unaffordable for many people. If you would love to have your own but are not willing to pay the steep price, then the next best option is to make your own.

That may seem like a daunting task but with this video from Greenerways2012 it becomes a whole lot easier than you’d imagine. The A-frame setup shown is comprised of 12 tubes, each one can hold 14 plants for a total of 168, and in the video heads of basil can be seen growing. The footprint it takes up is 6 feet by 10 feet, which is about the size of a small garden plot.

No electricity is needed, instead the water delivery system relies on pressure and gravity to flow. While there is no materials list given for the entire set up, some of the things that you’ll need if you make this include wood for the frame, PVC pipes and caps, plastic tubing, filters, brackets, a float valve, and a few other items.

Check out the video for a complete explanation of the system and a better visual understanding of the set up. The man behind the camera gives an excellent and comprehensive look at all the parts and how they work together, he also goes over more details on the measurements, sizes, and specific materials that were used. For more ideas and information on this set up or vertical hydroponic gardening refer to his channel Greenerways2012 or the Greenerways Facebook community page. Enjoy the video and and happy gardening!!

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