The Easiest Way To Fold and Pack T-Shirts With THIS Unexpected Wrinkle-Free Secret!

Traveling can be a lot of fun and adventure but packing for a trip is anything but that. It’s hard enough anticipating the items you’ll need and deciding what to wear, but the packing part is always hit or miss. Suitcases and bags never seem big enough to hold all the clothes we want to bring along and more often than not people end up over-packing.

With airlines charging a pretty penny for luggage these days, having more than one or two bags can quickly get expensive. Then there’s the issue of arriving at your destination and pulling out a bunch of wrinkled clothes. The last thing you want to do is look like a slob or have to iron all your clothes.

If you want to avoid all these travel packing nightmares you need to re-learn the art of packing. This Handimania video teaches a way of how to efficiently fold and roll shirts up into convenient, travel ready bundles. The shirts will stay wrinkle free and take up minimal space, leaving you room to pack even more stuff.

Lay a tee shirt out on a flat surface and smooth away any wrinkles. Grab the bottom hem where the seams meet on the two sides and fold the bottom 2-3 inches of it inside out. Rotate the shirt on it’s side and fold one side over about a third of the way, so that the crease meets at the neck opening, then fold back the sleeve onto the part you just folded over.

Take the other side and fold it the same way, with the crease/fold falling in line with where the neck opening is on that side, and fold back the sleeve again. You should now have a long, rectangular shaped tee shirt. Starting from the top on the shirt, begin to tightly roll it up, going all the way towards the bottom.

Take one side of the inside out bottom part of the shirt and turn it right side out while folding it over the rolled up portion. Do the same to the other side and you should end up with a tight and secure bundle.

Now all you have left to do is pack up the rolled tees and enjoy your trip. There are other methods for efficiently packing different articles of clothing, but this tee shirt one deals with the most commonly packed item.

It’s the easiest and most convenient method to master that we have seen by far. Hopefully it will save you some space and make traveling a little more stress free. Be sure to check out the video and share it with friends and family because it can only benefit everyone!

Please Share This Trick With Family and Friends

She Starts Cutting Up This Old T-Shirt. 3 Minutes Later An Unexpected Surprise!

If you hate to throw things out or let them sit around unused then check out this tutorial. The video shows how to re-purpose an old tee-shirt into a handy new bag. The all purpose carry-all is perfect for hauling groceries in or your local farmers market finds and costs absolutely nothing to make.

The tee shirt tote is a clever and handy way to be environmentally conscious and resourceful, while wasting nothing and giving old tee’s a second life. All you have to do is grab a pair of scissors, an old tee shirt, and within a couple of minutes you can make a bag or two to use this weekend.

Start off by laying the tee shirt out flat and cut off the bottom part, right above the seam. Make sure to save the binding piece you just cut off because you will need it later. Fold the tee in half and line up the two shoulder points and sleeves.

Cut off the neck part of the t-shirt and at this point it helps to refer to the video for a better visual of how you want it to look. Then, cut off the sleeves of the shirt, and leave yourself a bit of space away from the shoulder seams if you want deeper handles.

For higher handles you should cut right along the shoulder seam. Now unfold and lay out the shirt, which should resemble a tank top at this point, and turn it inside out. Gather together the bottom edge of the tee and tie it together using the piece of binding you cut off earlier in step one.

It’s important that you make sure to tie it as tightly as possible and wrap the binding around again to double-tie it. Securely knot it off and trim away the excess ends of the tie-binding. Turn the shirt inside out again and now you should have a brand new, re-purposed, tee shirt bag that is ready to use and hold all your stuff in.

Use this basic style of pattern cutting to make all sorts of bags and totes out of old tee shirts. They turn out awesome if you use busier patterns and add on custom touches, like fabric paints, iron on patches, and other attachments.

You can also braid the handles and incorporate different, stronger materials directly into the braids in order to make the handles more heavy duty and stand out. There is just so much more that you can do with this homemade t shirt bag technique, the possibilities seem endless. Check it out and try cutting one up for yourself or a friend and share the eco-friendliness!

Please Share This Crafty Repurposing Trick With Family and Friends