Mama Confronts Her Guilty Dog About The Missing Tater Tots. Now Watch How He Reveals The Evidence.

A good tasty snack, or really any type of food in general, seems to always be on a dogs mind! Our loyal companions can’t seem to get enough when it comes to eating and they’re always looking for their next treat. Anyone who shares their home with a dog knows to keep food secured and away from their pets because once they get a delicious smelling whiff of something they’ll go to great lengths to get at it! The pup featured in the video below takes this to a whole new level.

Out of all the yummy snacks in the world, it’s tater tots that this dog finds to be absolutely irresistible! The crispy toasted potato rounds proved too much for him to ignore and his overwhelming desire to snag a few of them is what led to him getting busted by his owner. The adorable dog is named Chase and as soon as his owner let her guard down and her tater tots unattended, he made his move. While he meant to take just a couple, like one or two, the deliciousness simply overwhelmed him and he ended up stuffing as many as he could into his mouth! However, before he could chew them all up and swallow it down, his mom came into the room.

He couldn’t really do much at this point with the tater tots crammed in his mouth, so Chase simply turned away from her to avoid any uncomfortable eye contact. Avoiding her gaze proved to be his downfall because she could see a very suspicious looking lump in his mouth and noticed the bulge right away. He looked more like a big goofy chipmunk than an innocent dog!

Naturally she asked him what he had in his mouth and after getting no response she tried a different approach, kindness, and told him how much of a good boy he was. That was enough to make Chase feel guilty about what he’d done and so he decided to fess up and return the tater tots to their rightful owner. Plus, he realized he’d been caught red handed and really had no choice at this point other than to spit out the food.

Much to the surprise of his mother, when he opened his mouth a whole bunch of the yummy potato bites spilled out onto the floor in front of him! She counted a total of nine tater tots and all of them were still in tact, they had not even been chewed. Poor Chase, he took way too many and all those potatoes must have been drying out his mouth, making it nearly impossible for him to eat and swallow them down in time!

Thankfully for Chase, his mom found it amusing and had a great sense of humor towards the whole situation. In the end, this is definitely a case of biting off more than one can chew! If you are having a bad day this video is sure to brighten it up!

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