This Pup Notices A Tator Tot On The Countertop, He Proceeds To Make The Most Hysterical Sounds Ever

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I had a large dog named Jazzy…a Rhodesian Ridgeback who was a “counter surfer” like the determined pup you are about to watch in the VIDEO below.  Jazzy could stand on her hind quarters and open doors, and could usually reach any food left on high counters.

One day I was making lamb chops for dinner; seasoned them on a platter, placed them on the middle of the high part of the island counter, and ran out to pick up one of the kids.  I was back in 10 minutes, when the garage door opened, and there was Jazzy in escape mode who appeared to have grown tusks!  She took one look at me, and with 6 lamp chops held in her mouth scooted out of the garage to enjoy her dinner…I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

In this laugh-out-loud footage you are about to watch, Chris Cohen has captured his large dog eyeing a single tater tot left on the highest part of the island countertop.  As this adorable pup is doing everything in his power to nab that delicious morsel, Chris cleverly narrates his rendition of his dog’s thoughts during the pursuit!   This was a great way to start my day…ENJOY!!!

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