This Lady Is Told Her Car Is Going To Be Towed She Retaliates In The Craziest Way Ever!

No one likes having their car towed, it can be a real nightmare and an expensive one as well. It’s not cheap getting your car back but that’s just part of the pain. Many people have returned to their parking spots only to find them empty and freaked out. After all, you can’t help but wonder and fear if your car has been stolen! Of course, that dreadful feeling occurs only if you don’t actually witness your car being towed. However, even when you do see it being hitched up to a tow truck, that sight makes you feel just as awful! When this happens most people do either one of two things. They accept it and move on to claiming their vehicle or they make an attempt to somehow convince or bride the tow truck driver into releasing their car.

For one woman in Shanghai, China, she chose to forgo both of those options. After arguing with the man towing her car failed to get it unhitched, she took the situation into her own control and amped it up to the next level! She jumped into the driver’s seat, exchanged what was undoubtedly a few choice words with the man, then slammed the door shut. At this point the exasperated driver kicked her tire and seconds later she put the SUV in drive and took off, taking the tow truck with her!

The shocked tow operator can only run after the crazy lady as his truck gets dragged down the street. While the woman may have managed to get her car back, it’s doubtful that she made it all that far! Plus, she may have damaged her car in the process so it probably turned out to be a lose-lose situation for her. Either way, this clip is hilarious so check it out!

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