Couple Gets The Worst Service At Dinner. They Leave A Surprise Message On The Bill.

image via – pix11

So here’s the situation…you are out at a nice restaurant to celebrate your wedding anniversary, and you have to wait 20 minutes to get water, 40 minutes for an appetizer, and over an hour for your main course!  Ugh!!

Anyone would be upset under these circumstances, in fact all the tables were abuzz with consternation.  Makenzie and Steven Schultz of Cedar Rapids, were the anniversary celebrants.  They had met eight years ago, while waiting tables.  They weren’t pleased with the slow service, but having been servers themselves back in the day, they sized up what was going on.

They soon realized that their congenial server was working his hardest to serve all twelve tables in the restaurant.  The other server, it turned out, had to leave due to a family emergency.  Mackenzie wrote in her Facebook post that it was obvious the server was doing his best, “running around like crazy and never acted annoyed with any table…[it was] more than any one person could handle”.

Both Makenzie and Steven felt compassion for the good-natured waiter, having walked in his shoes.  Sometimes the best thing you can do with a lousy situation, is take the high road, with a small act of kindness.  Actually…their act of kindness wasn’t so small as you will hear in the video below.  They posted their act of generosity, “not for a pat on the back”, but to remind others that it’s important to remember where you came from.  I have to say that giving to this stranger, made their anniversary truly memorable.

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