If Your Hands Are Zip-Tied and You Are In Grave Danger THIS Simple Trick Will Get You Out Of The Bind In Seconds!

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The idea of being kidnapped is equally terrifying as it is unlikely. Despite this, there are new stories of individuals being kidnapped every day. For this reason, it can be good to have basic strategies for escaping a kidnapper. One common example is kicking out the brake light of a car if you’re ever locked inside a truck. Recently, an organization has come up with a strategy for escaping zip ties.

Brian Black is the founder of Imminent Threat Solutions or ITS. He was previously in the U.S. Navy. While serving, he learned a lot about taking care of himself during dangerous circumstances. After he left the military, he founded ITS.

ITS is a website that teaches its readers skills that can help get them out of unsafe situations. One such situation is kidnapping. Kidnappers often use zip ties to bind their victim’s hands. Admittedly, some will prefer to use rope or duct tape.

ITS released a youtube video demonstrating how to escape zip ties if the victim’s hands are bound in front of them. In the video, the instructor tightly binds his hands with a zip tie. The tighter they are, the easier it will be to escape. He then proceeds to bring his arms down quickly while “chicken-winging” his arms.

Essentially, he raises his arms up and then brings them down quickly with his arms in a triangular position. While it is very unlikely you will ever be kidnapped, knowing techniques like this could make the difference between life and death.

Watch the video below for the full tutorial:

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Girl Escapes Zip Ties With THIS Easy Trick. The Results Could Save Your Life One Day!

image via – youtube.com

Self-defense technique classes are given all around the world.  In martial arts training, self defense is one of the cornerstones of their teachings.  Besides for martial arts training, there are courses given that specifically deal with real world situations and how to defend yourself.

There are a large number of of self defense classes taught commercially and many are targeted to specific audiences, for example, how to defend against an attempted rape or self defense for kids and teens. Some of us carry mace or pepper spray and always lock our doors, but it couldn’t hurt to be extra prepared for a circumstance we would never expect to be in.

With all being said we really hope you never find yourself in a situation where your hands are zip tied together, however the following video will show you a quick and easy technique to escape.

You will need to place your hands above your head, then in one quick movement, swing them down so your forearms hit your hips with a ton of force.  The zip tie will break and you will be free!

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