Daddy Tells His Pup He Just Got a New Pet From The Pet Store. He Then Decides To Throw a Hysterical Fit.

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When it comes to canines and felines, it seems like they either get along great or they can’t stand each other at all. You never know how they are really going to act until you socialize and introduce them to the other pets. When a pup and kitty initially meet the general belief is that the earlier in life they do that, the better they will get along with each other. Sometimes the initial meeting between the pets goes smooth as silk. Other times, the first meeting can go terribly wrong and keeping an eye on them and being prepared for lots of intervention is necessary before the two animals are comfortable enough to be alone together..

Every animal is different and just like their human counterparts, some of them are more solitary and like to be alone, while others prefer having company and are more social in nature. In general canines are more likely to be social just because from an evolutionary standpoint they are more of a pack animal. With cats you almost never know what you are going to get. They pretty much do whatever they want whenever they want!

The adorable black and white pup in this video falls under the more social category, he would absolutely love and adore to have a feline companion by his side. Well, at least that’s how his human imagines his dog’s thoughts and feelings to be! Although most likely these are this cute dogs precious wish to have a new best cat friend! He especially doesn’t want a snake, hamster, guinea pig, mouse, gerbil, newt or a parrot. This dog makes it very clear that all he wants is a new kitty cat!

He gave his dog a voice and dubbed it with perfection as the conversation between the two of them is executed flawlessly. He felt that his pup would be absolutely delighted and ecstatic at the mere thought of getting a brand new addition to his family and would welcome a little fuzzy kitty cat to call his little sister. An adorable tabby kitten would perhaps be the perfect addition to their lives, and so maybe it is time they get one!

The hysterical video of the energetic and happy looking black and white dog talking excitedly about finally getting a new kitty has already captured the hearts of well over 6 million people. It’s easy to see why, the clip is just hilarious and enjoyable to watch over and over again! Everything from the conversation to the dog’s actions, words, behavior and movements are high quality and totally spot on. If you have ever talked to your pet, or had pretend conversation in your head with them, then all of this may look, sound, and seem very familiar to you. No matter how many times I see this video, it never ever gets old!

Watch the hilarious video below and enjoy:

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