An Awesome and Time Saving Leaf Raking Hack Everyone Should Know This Autumn.

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I don’t know about you, but Fall is one of my favorite seasons, coming in a close second to Springtime.  The transition from the heat of the Summer to the crisp air of a beautiful autumn day, with the awesome color changes of the leaves, is simply magical. Before we know it, all that uncomfortable heat and humidity from summer will dissipate into a nice cool and pleasant fall vibe. The air begins to smell so fresh and autumn-like as the leaves begin to slowly change from green to yellow, orange and red revealing a stunning mix of beautiful hues and saturations as nature goes through it’s natural cycles.

As these magnificent leaves flutter to the ground giving off an earthy intoxicating smell, we get to walk through their crunchy texture, so reminiscent of the best days of childhood.  Unfortunately, as adult homeowners we can’t just let the leaves stay on our lawns and driveways waiting for the cover of snow.  We have to deal with the drudgery of clearing them week by week, only having more fall, until the cycle ends.

Some people still ‘take to the rake’ in order to remove leaves, making the back breaking effort that takes hours.  Still others have gone to the expense of purchasing a leaf blower as an alternative.  If you find neither of these choices appealing, the following Video Below that you are about to watch is totally for you.

I’m always amazed that simple and clever solutions to problems are out there for so many things, and through the ease of the internet we get to see things that never occurred to us.  In the following entertaining footage you will watch a guy who came up with a technique that gets rid of huge sections of leaves on his lawn quickly and easily, while he still gets some healthy exercise, and has many more hours to spend on his weekend having fun!

It’s no joke, ingenious and laugh out loud funny…one of those things that begs the question, “Why didn’t I ever think of that?” Note: if video doesn’t play on your tablet or phone turn it horizontal and it will begin to play..

Watch the video below for the full leaf raking life hack tutorial:

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