He Weirdly Starts Rubbing This Potato All Over His Grill. But The Reason Is Brilliant!

Now grilling season just heating up it’s the perfect time to get some bbq life hacks. Food just seems to taste better when it’s barbecued to a perfect smoky finish right on a hot grill. One downside to cooking directly on the grate is that certain foods tend to stick to it. Often, a slab of juicy steak will adhere to the hot metal and dislodging it can be a pain in the rear. Even worse is when it’s burgers that stubbornly stick to it and attempting to move them causes the meat to fall apart.

Thankfully, there is a way to prevent the frustrating grill-stick problem, by treating your grill surface and making it non-stick. All you need is a potato, a fork, and a grill. Start by heating up the grill until it’s nice and hot. Then cut the potato in half and stab one of the halves with a fork so that the white fleshy side faces out. Place the cut open side of the potato down on the hot grill and rub it back and forth across the entire area. You should hear a pleasing sizzle sound and only need to go over the metal grate several times to create a non-stick coating.

How does this work? The starch in the potato gets pulled out when heated up and transferred to the hot metal surface, where it forms a non-stick barrier, perfect for grilling on. Overall it’s an effective, easy, non-toxic, and non-messy way to quickly prepare your grill and stop food from sticking on. Check out the short video for more information and make sure to share this tip with friends and family, enjoy!

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