I’ve Been In An Elevator A Million Times But I Had No Idea You Could Do THIS!

If you’re like me and the mere act of stepping into an elevator sends you right to the edge of a panic attack, then this is a good trick for you. When you are in the seemingly eternal moments of enduring claustrophobia and wondering if the elevator door is ever going to open again, it could be handy to get the ride over with as quick as possible.

Usually, you have to keep your cool through the repeated stopping of the lift, feeling the enclosed box come to a sudden halt and the instantaneous loss of gravity which provides the feeling of all your innards moving toward your mouth.

Apparently, there is a way to lessen the amount of time spent suffering in this manner. You can actually control whether the elevator stops along the way while you are in it. When you step inside and push the number of the floor you wish to get off at, you can hold down that number together with the close door button for five seconds, and the elevator will go straight to that floor without interruption.

You no longer have to have your anxiety multiplied by every floor and by each person that enters into the tiny space effectively making it smaller and smaller. Conversely, maybe you are a thrill seeker and happen into an elevator with an attractive person whom you might be able to put the moves on.

By inhibiting any disturbance from other elevator riders, you could squeeze in a quickie if the building is tall enough. If you’re only traveling a few stories, a good make out session, or some touchy feeling, is feasible without the intrusion of unsuspecting visitors.

No matter what your incentive, this is a great trick for the elevator regular, except not if you’re the one waiting to get inside.

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