These Singers Went To The Forest To Record A Folk Song. But Then Some Unexpected Visitors Join In!

This is one of those moments that you could only wish for, but could never be orchestrated.  On tour, folk singer Shawn James and his crew were in Colorado.  It was one of those beautiful, tranquil snows, when they decided to go to the W.O.L.F Sanctuary.

When they got there, they decided to sing in the snow-laden woods, and use it for a cover of of A.A. Bondy’s “American Hearts.”  Beginning with the lyric, “We were raised by wolves / And we are still wild / And we howl when the troubled wind blows”, the wooded scene with wolves wandering in the background, was perfect.

That being said, they never could have imagined that their harmony during the refrain, would evoke choral support from their audience…the wolves!  Believe it or not, scientific analyses of wolves have shown that they have a sense of pitch. When they have been recorded, upon careful listening, each wolf that joins the chorus changes it’s tone slightly.  They seem to revel in the discordancy.

In this incredible video, the wolves contribution literally sounds like the third part of the harmony for the refrain.  Usually canines respond by howling to high pitched sounds from wind instruments, violins or a soprano singer.

Rarely do they respond to strumming guitars or the dulcet tones of two male folk singers!   In the following footage, they literally joined in during the two-part harmony more than once, and not during the lyric.

Their echoing howls make beautiful music and create a video that these musicians will never forget.  You will find their chorus, that reaches an amazing crescendo, simply awe-inspiring.  It will give you chills!

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