He Pours Molten Aluminum Into THIS Fish Tank. What’s Revealed Inside Is So Awesome!

image via – youtube.com

SCIENCE MEETS ART  in this really cool video you are about to watch.  YouTube’s “The Backyard Scientist” demonstrates how adding polymer beads to water creates an environment that will allow molten aluminum to turn into magnificent pieces of sculpture.

When he pours 10,000 tiny polymer beads into an aquarium filled with water, the beads absorb the water, becoming nearly 200 times their weight!  They provide an environment for the molten aluminum that he dangerously heats, to be transformed.

He amusingly interviews his dog, providing him with protective goggles which he reluctantly dons a pair for himself as well, and then procedes to throw the molten aluminum inside the tank of water.

You simply won’t believe your eyes as the aluminum becomes solid and he removes each unique piece from the large tank.  Voila!  Instant truly beautiful coral-like sculptures that I, myself, would like to own.  Let us know what you think.

Have you ever seen anything like this before? Enjoy! 🙂

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