Can Your Eyes See These Almost Invisible Objects? Find Out!

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People go to doctors for regular check ups and when they feel sick or in pain. They visit the dentist to take care of oral health issues and for annual teeth cleanings. Yet they rarely go to the eye doctor for eye exams and vision screenings, unless they suddenly develop a severe eye problem.

While we oftentimes neglect to stay on top of our visual health, we really do need to maintain and test our eye sight annually. The majority of adults start to experience vision loss in their early to mid-40’s and with every passing year it only gets worse, unless you do something about it.

There are a number of factors other than aging which help to decrease our vision over time, including eye strain, disease, inflammation, and overexposure, which is why we have to try and keep our eyes as healthy as possible.

This test is a quick and easy way to figure out if your vision is functioning as optimally as it should be. Whether or not you’re able to see the series of increasingly dim and faded numbers, shapes, and letters will tell you if you should have your eyes checked out further by a professional.

Try it now and Good luck! Did you pass?

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