He Mixes THIS Paste Using a Household Product That Will Reverse Gum Disease And Whiten Your Teeth!

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Many of us want whiter teeth; as your teeth become more yellow it has a stark aging effect, even on younger people.  Coffee, tea and wine are common culprits that stain teeth over time.  Some people go the costly route of having their teeth whitened cosmetically by a dentist, while others use the store-bought white strips to do so.

For some people those alternatives work well, but for many, the chemicals in these methods cause damage to the enamel, heightened sensitivity in the teeth and irritation to the gums.  This can occur in individuals who have pre-existing sensitivity in their teeth, as well as inducing sensitivity in those who have never had that problem.

For those of you who wish to whiten your teeth at home, improve your dental hygiene overall and avoid sensitizing your teeth and gums, the video you are about to watch below is for you.  The remedy discussed and illustrated in this footage not only promotes oral hygiene while whitening, but adds to your overall health; the reason for this is the key ingredient, TURMERIC!

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce gum disease; when it is combined with several other natural ingredients that you will see in the video, it creates an amazing tooth whitening homemade toothpaste!  The results are sensational, and the added bonus is that the toothpaste is delicious.

Have you tried this before? Watch the video for further and more in depth information.

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