Nobody Believed Them When They Described What Their Dog Started Doing. So They Caught THIS!

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Those of us who are dog lovers, know how easily just looking at out pup’s sweet face can make us smile.  Whenever I have seen my dog approaching what looks like a smile on her face, it usually ends up that she has an upset stomach, which shows up later.

It wasn’t until I watched the video that you are about to view below, that I even thought it was possible for a dog to actually be able to smile…ON CUE!!  The footage was posted to YouTube by Amanda Robles; through PAWS in the Chicago vicinity, she is fostering Herbert, the most adorable 5-month-old Pit Bull.

Known to be very intelligent dogs, Pit Bulls seem to very observant.  As you will see Herbert seems to have gotten the gist of how humans smile.  Each time Amanda points the camera at him and asks him to “say cheese!”, Herbert gives a response that is like nothing I have ever seen a dog do.

I literally watched this 10 times, because what he does is beyond hilarious!

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