She Tells Her Pup They Are Going To Grandma’s House. The Dog Throws a Hilarious Fit!

Remember how amazing it was when you were a kid, and your parents told you it was time to see grandma? I remember getting so happy and excited to go to my grandparents house.   From getting fresh baked cookies, tasty cakes, and hearing the best stories from back in the day.  It was just such a treat.  Well as it turns out, dogs also love their grandmas.

When this adorable pup’s human, tells her pup they are going to see nana, the Dog has the most adorable reaction ever.  I have a feeling that nana may be spoiling this pup just like she would with her human grandchildren.

According to this pup’s human Samantha Magowan‎, this is the reaction the dog has every time she mentions they are going to see grandma.  Grandma definitely is giving this pup a few extra tasty treats every time he goes to her cozy house! This clip melted my heart. Does your dog enjoy going to see grandma?

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