He Pours This Liquid Onto The Table. But When The Lights Go Out It’s Stunning!

Meet Mike Warren, a clever craftsman who came up with an awesome idea.  Mike has made lots of tables throughout his career and was always bothered by the cracks in the wood that are part of a wooden table.  He decided to transform those cracks into something magical.

He used a Photoluminescent glow powder mixed with resin to fill those annoying voids.  The result? A stunning, creative and unique table that will glow in the dark.  Once the table is finished, it just needs to charge up with some sun light and then when it gets dark the table will glow with a nice blue hue.

This glow in the dark table would be perfect for those summer barbecues.  It is sure to impress your guests, and enhance the ambiance of any get together.  I totally want of these.  If you want to try and make one yourself, check out the video below!

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