I Thought It Was A Terrible Idea When He Set A Wine Cork On Fire But This Unexpected Trick Is Brilliant!

One of life’s little joys can be found in a nice relaxing glass of wine. There is just something inherently comforting and enjoyable when you sit back and sip on it after a long stressful day. It seems like there is a wine out there for everyone with so many types and varieties readily available.

Once the bottle is empty it usually doesn’t take long before another one is uncorked and wine aficionados often end up with a bunch of corks laying around. Instead of treating them as waste and throwing them out put them to good use and get the most out of your wine habit!

Wine lovers everywhere can appreciate this video that covers 8 different ways to reuse leftover corks. The first project is for wine cork magnets. Cut a cork into 1/8th inch pieces and glue small magnets on one side, then decorate the other side however you wish. Similarly, you can hollow out one end of a cork, place an air plant in it, glue on some magnets, and stick it on any metal surface.

Air plants don’t require any watering because they get all their required nutrients from the air, so they make perfect low maintenance plants for this project. Next up is floating cork key-chains that will ensure your keys never sink when they end up in water. Take a cork and insert a screw eye in the middle of one end, tighten until snug, then attach a key ring and key to it.

Need a bag clip? Make a few wine cork chip clips to help keep bagged food fresh and crisp. Stand a cork up and cut down about an inch into it, move over about a ΒΌ of an inch and make a 2nd downwards on a 30 degree angle so you end up with a wedge. Another handy use is to make them into plant markers. Take a wooden skewer and stab the sharp end into the cork, label appropriately and stick it in the ground near the plant.

For a more decorative approach try making a candle cork vase. Take a large vase and a smaller glass of equal height that can fit inside of it. Put a candle inside the small glass, place that into the vase, and fill in the surrounding gap with an assortment of corks.

Another useful thing you can make is a cork mirror that doubles as a hot plate to protect counter tops and surfaces from hot pots and pans. Cut a bunch of corks in half lengthwise and lay them out on the mirror you wish to decorate. Glue them on 2 at a time so they frame the mirror and trim any to make it fit nicely.

Finally, we saved the best for last, cork candles. Take a small mason jar and fill it with 70% rubbing alcohol, place a few corks inside, cover it tightly, shake it up, and let it sit for at least 24-48 hours (the longer the better). When you go to burn it simply take a cork out and place it in a candle holder that fits it snugly ad then light the top.

It doesn’t last as long as a normal candle but it’s a good alternative and great to have around in case of an emergency. That’s it! All of these DIY projects are simple, cheap, and easy to do. The next time you drink a bottle of vino, save the cork and reuse it!

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