It Seems Like A Regular Handicap Spot. But Watch What Happens When You Try To Park Here. Brilliant!

There is a reason that Handicapped parking exists. This fact often goes over the heads of able-bodied people. We often see people parking in disabled spots, emerging from their cars and walking without any evidence of disability.

What goes through the minds of the lazy people who opt to take the spots reserved for the handicapped?¬†All kinds of rationalizations are used ranging from “nobody is gonna need this spot for the time I will be here” to “I’m sure they will find another spot, and I won’t take that long anyway”.

It is sad to say that this occurs over and over again, because there are rarely consequences for this transgression. The lack of enough officers to enforce the laws makes this possible. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the integrity to obey the law, if they can get away with not doing so.

The statistics for this type of transgression is particularly high in Russia, where nearly 30% of able-bodied drivers think nothing of taking a Handicapped parking spot. They just don’t seem to have a conscience with regard to this really awful behavior. In reaction to this alarming statistic in Russia, a non-profit organization called Dislife came up with an inventive solution.

You are about to watch what they did in the video below, using unbelievable cutting-edge technology, in their effort to get people to wake up and realize the harm caused by their thoughtless behavior. I was literally shocked to see what they came up with.

Let us know what you think, about this inventive way they devised to get their message across, loud and clear!

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