She Weirdly Thanks This Wild Bear For Not Eating Her Kayak. Now Watch The Bears Unexpected Reaction!

When the bear walked away from her kayak, she thanked him. But I never expected what he did in response. At first, he seemed to be willing to earn the thanks, ambling slowly up the hill and away from the kayak. This was a bit uncomfortable for her, however, and was not exactly what she was going for.

She really would have preferred he politely respond with a “you are quite welcome, tourist lady”, or at least a grunt before walking straight into the woods and away from her kayak and herself. As luck would have it, he expressed interest in her and continued in her direction. She was prepared for this possibility, which makes sense due to her Alaskan locale, and she made sure to explain to the english speaking bear that she was going to spray him with pepper spray.

He didn’t seem to care until she gave a quick squirt. Still out of range, the spray did not reach him, but he must have known what it was, because he promptly turned and went straight back to the kayak. She realized almost immediately what she had done, and became quite concerned.

She began pleading with him, always calling him by his formal name, Bear. Moving in succession through all of the appropriate emotional states, she began by nicely asking the bear to stay away from her kayak. If you want to know how that worked out for her, watch the video until the very end.

That’s all I’ll say, it’s best if you see it for yourself.

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