Man Kicks This Innocent Puppy But Then He Gets Some Instant Karma!

In the privacy of  our bedrooms we watch the news incredulously, and ask each other how it is possible that there is so much inhumane behavior in the world.  What possesses people to be cruel just for the sake of being cruel?

Such cruelty exists amongst human beings toward each other, and then we see inexplicable cruelty towards animals by people, who seem to have nothing better to do.  What you are about to watch on this video, was just such an insane act of abuse, that was caught by a security camera in an Internet Cafe.

The footage shows a dog calmly wandering into an open door cafe.  He’s just exploring, going about his day, when out of nowhere a man walks in behind him.  He lifts his leg high in the air to give the dog a strong kick!  What happens next can only be termed a dose of “instant karma.” Sometimes the universe doles out just consequences to acts of cruelty instantaneously.

Somehow that is satisfying, when so much goes on in our world that goes unpunished.  You will understand why this went viral so quickly after it was released, getting more than 225,000 views in just a few days.

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