Her Clever Trick For Putting On Eyeliner On Perfectly Every time Is Impressive. This Is So Simple.

Being able to create the really dramatic look of winged eyeliner, without the help of a makeup artist, would really be a great achievement. The video you are about to watch below, offers an easy-to-follow tutorial, that will allow you to create the nighttime dramatic eye-popping look!

This YouTuber shows you a way to do this in a really sophisticated, tasteful way. She uses a felt-tipped eye makeup pen to place dots in strategic spots along the rim of the eyelid, that will be connected in order to create the outline that will finally be filled in.

Once you have connected the dots to create the outline for the “cat eye”, it’s time to fill in. This can be done with a gel or liquid liner, depending on what you are most comfortable working with. Finally, you can use those pointed q-tips that you have always since in the pharmacy, to clean up any messy edges or do some blending.

Just watch the footage below that takes you through each step, and then try it for yourself. The method is foolproof, and you will find that it is fun to create this look. Let us know if you try it and are happy with the results.

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