No One In THIS Family Believed Grandads Wild and Crazy Tales Til One Day They Opened His Hidden Chest In The Attic!

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If you ever had a grandpa who loved to tell stories, you know that a lot of times what he promises is the truth seems questionable at best. My grandfather actually wrote an entire book of his adventures and I must say almost every chapter seemed like complete fiction. A few years back there was a great movie named Big Fish which basically covered this exact topic. It featured a grandpa who was known for telling the most wild tales of adventure, danger, love and the unimaginable. If you haven’t seen Big Fish and you find the story we are covering today interesting, I highly recommend you check it out!

What’s so amazing about grandfather’s and their tall tales is usually nobody in the family knows for sure what is real and what is fiction and the mystery that makes story telling grandad’s so awesome! This brings us to today’s story which features Mike and Maria Lopez who had to clean out their grandpa’s attic. Mike and Maria’s grandpa was one of these guys who could really tell a story. Not only was his timing and delivery flawless but the content was always fascinating. For the most part the Lopez’s took all his stories with a grain of salt and although they loved his tales of adventure they never really fully believed him.

To give you an example of Maria and Mike’s grandfathers stories he once told them that he had discovered the hidden treasure of a famous pirate named Jose Gaspar. Of course this story seemed absolutely outlandish, riddiculous and unbelievable but grandad sure was entertaining. After he passed away, his grandchildren had to go into his attic to go through all his stuff and clean it out. They figured that they would find some cool stuff up there, but what they were about to uncover is something they never could’ve prepared for!

As they rummaged through all the junk, they came across a box that looked to be out of place from the rest of the stuff. It sparked their curiousity so they opened it up and first saw a black and white picture of a couple at their wedding and figured it was grandpa and their grandmother. But as they went through the box, the next thing they found was an odd map of Tampa, Florida which looked like he drew it or possibly a 3rd grader. The map seemed odd to them especially since it was hand drawn and looked pretty messy. Under the map, they uncovered the next strange items. They looked like ancient coins from Spain and Portugal which could’ve been up to 500 years old!

All of sudden, they began to wonder if maybe grandpa was just telling a good fairy tale and maybe just maybe there was some truth behind his stories. After they went through the coins, they got to the next level down in the box and that’s when things really started to get weird. The found what looked like the remains of a human hand which somehow had been pretty well preserved inside the old treasure chest. Why in the world would grandpa hide an ancient looking hand in the attic for all these years?

They had way more questions then answers and unfortunately grandpa was no longer around to clarify what was truly going on. Little did they know they would uncover so much more of their grandfather’s mysteries…

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