Person Suddenly Collapses Onto The Grass. What This Elephant Does Seconds Later WOW!

Elephants are amazing animals who are among the most intelligent creatures on Earth. They are highly complex and extremely social mammals who live in tight knit family groups both in the wild and captivity. We all know that an elephant never forgets, thanks in part to their incredible memories, but they’re also capable of so much more beyond what you’ve ever even imagined!

They play, laugh, cry, are self-aware, express grief and compassion, and experience all the emotions from joy to pain and tragedy in ways similar to humans.In fact, elephants often develop intensely strong bonds with their caretakers and other people who treat them right, just like how dogs become best friends and loyal to their owners.

The unspoken bond that can form between elephant and man is on full display in this wonderful video clip. It features an elephant named Thongsri who lives with her caretaker over in Thailand. There’s no question of whether or not she cares deeply for her handler because when she noticed that he was being ‘attacked’ by another man she immediately rushed right on over to defend him.

It doesn’t matter whether or not her caretaker and the other man were play fighting, all that Thongsri saw was someone potentially hurting her friend. In that moment all she wanted to do was scare off the attacker, stand by her friend’s side, and make sure that he was okay.

As soon as he saw Thongsri coming at him the other man ran off, who wouldn’t have? Seeing a massive elephant flaring her ears aggressively and standing guard over her handler while he’s crawling around on the ground is a wild sight to see!

No one in their right mind would continue to try and harm him, they’d likely get trampled in half a second if they did! It all goes to show just how amazing, sensitive, and special elephants truly are.

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