This Pup Tries Stealing A Treat But Instead Gets A Big Surprise. His Reaction Is Hilarious!

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For thousands of years cats and dogs have been at war, while both being the closest human allies on planet earth.  The war has been over petting time, sleeping areas, and table food.  The reasons behind their dislike for one another have been scientifically studied and glorified in pop culture movie, books and of course the internet.

In the wild, Lions and Hyenas are mortal enemies, while Wolves battle with Wildcats.  Now, when we take these two species and bring them into our human houses, that’s when things can really start to get out of control.  In the wild, the canines and the felines would rather avoid each other if possible, but in the confined walls of a house instinctual tensions are sure to rise.

In the following video, a naughty dog tries to steal some tasty treats.  He formulates a plan and goes for the gold.  Little does he know, he is in for a huge surprise.  I don’t think this poor pup ever saw this coming! This totally made my day. I hope you enjoy this delightful little video as much as I did! 🙂

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