Video: This Pup’s Mom Asks Her If She Wants To Take a Shower. Her Response Is Priceless!

Many dogs have a love/hate relationship when it comes to getting wet. They either really like and enjoy bath time or absolutely loathe and avoid it all costs. For little Misty, the energetic Corgi featured in this video, taking a shower is without a doubt her absolute most favorite thing to do in the whole entire world!

In fact, just mentioning the word “shower” sets her off and gets her super excited. Even if Misty is sleeping and completely relaxed one moment, as soon as she hears mention of a shower she’ll jump up and take off running to the nearest bathroom. She barks and yaps up a storm the whole way there and when she reaches the shower she doesn’t hesitate to jump right in.

Misty can be seen sailing over the edge of the tub with ease in this clip as she fly’s through the shower curtain. Shower doors don’t even stop her, the clever pup knows how to open them with her mouth!

Once she’s in the tub she turns and looks up at her owner with the cutest expression on her face that’s just full of anticipation. She’s waiting for him to turn the tap on and the moment he does she attacks the water flowing out of it, biting and nipping wildly like a dog gone insane!

Check out the compilation of Misty bugging out over the shower, it will make you smile. Her reaction is the cutest and most hilarious one you’ll ever see of a dog actually wanting to take a shower!

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