She Slices An X Into Some Onions Then Bakes Them. When She’s Done YUM!

I’m sure you have heard the saying, PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING…well it may not be everything when it comes to food, but it certainly helps.  YouTuber yoyomax shows us how presentation added to a simple and delicious recipe for onions, illustrates how much a beautiful presentation can add to food..

In the video you are about to watch below, she demonstrates a way of cutting, cooking and plating onions, known as the “ONION FLOWER”.  The recipe was first published in a Canadian magazine, “Food and Drink”, and has caught on as a way of preparing red onions in a manner that will truly please both the eyes and palates, of your family and guests.

You will need four small to medium red onions, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  In this easy-to-follow tutorial she first shows you how to cut the onion into consecutive quadrants and then eighths.  She then tosses them in the oil and vinegar mixture, and then roasts them in a 425 degree oven for 25-30 minutes.  When she plates the final result, you will be amazed at the beauty of this deliciously, crispy onion flower.  It is a side-dish that will be remembered by all!

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