These Special Dimes Worth $1.9 Million Are Circulating In The USA. Here’s How To Recognize If You Have One.

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Usually during everyday life, when we go to the store and buy something and get the change back, we put the coins in our pocket, purse or wallet and pretty much never think twice about it. Some people do keep a stash of coins for a rainy day and transfer the coins into dollars once they collect enough. But besides for these coin hoarders most of us really don’t think too much of pennies, dimes and quarters. Dollars just seem so much more interesting in valuable.

While for the most part this is the case, sometimes there are rare valuable collectible coins that can be worth much more than any fiat dollar could ever be valued at! In today’s interesting article we will feature special dimes that are currently in circulation that if found, can be valued up to $1.9 million dollars!

Yes you read that right, these special edition dimes, yes the 10 cent little coins can be worth a whopping $1.9 million dollars and for the most part, even if somebody does attain one, chances are they won’t even know it and lose out on a once in a lifetime deal. Today we will go over exactly what to look for when you get back change and maybe get your hands on one of these magical close to $2 million dollar dimes!

All the way back in 1894, a rare dime was created and minted known as the S Barber Dime. So as we said earlier these special edition vintage 1894 S Barber Dimes are valued at an extraordinary $1.9 million dollars a piece! This could easily change anyones life if they happened to find one and actually knew what to look for, so they wouldn’t miss this incredible opportunity. But before we get into what to look for, the story behind these S Barber Dimes is quite fascinating.

Back in the 1890’s a man named John Dagget was in charge of the San Francisco Mint where they made coins. Dagget loved coins so much that he made 24 incredibly special dimes that were like no others before them. He was so proud of his creation that he handed these 24 dime pieces to 7 friends and to his daughter.

Dagget told his little girl, to not ever use this dime because one day he believed it would be worth a lot. Sadly, his young daughter had a bit of a sweet tooth and spent her S Barber Dime on some ice cream! So long story short, that ice cream she bought that day was worth $1.9 million dollars and the dime is still out there today..

Also, one of his friends he gave the S Barber Dime to also spent his dime because he really didn’t think it was worth anything and he needed some change so he just used it. Knowing that these two spent these ridiculously high valued coins and they have yet to be discovered means they are still in circulation.

There are a few other dimes that were made during this time period as well that are worth much less than $1.9 million but they are still worth a lot and would be worth your time to check your piggy bank, purse or wallet to see if you possibly have any of these.

Watch the video below to see pictures of the $1.9 Million Dollar S Barber Dimes with descriptions as well as other dimes which are worth thousands of dollars:

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