She Is Terrified and He Tries To Comfort Her. But When The Ride Begins Just Keep Your Eye On Him!

There is nothing like going on a first date. That initial anxiety and butterflies leading hopefully to an explosion of awesome chemistry leading to the inevitable true love story. Usually when a guy takes a girl on a date, he tries to show her how tough he is by not being of afraid of anything.  Guys try to act like ‘real men’ and have no fear to show their dates they will be protected. Sometimes this happens and sometimes well let’s just say it doesn’t.

In the following video, a guy and a girl are on a date at amusement park.  They take their seats in the Gmax Reverse Bungee ride.  At first, his date is the scared one and he tries to act like he isn’t scared while trying to calm her down. Then. the ride starts, and his true colors bleed through. His tough guy persona quickly evaporates and the reality on being a passenger on a terrifying ride kicks in!

His reaction to the ride is something you have to watch.  It truly is a sight to behold. I shouldn’t laugh but it’s just too funny! The faces he makes and the noises coming out of him are just hysterical! Do you know anyone who pretends to be scared of nothing? leave a comment below 🙂

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