He Told His Dog To ‘Play Dead’. But What He Proceeds To Do Made Me Spit My Drink Out!

image via – youtube.com

There have been countless videos of animals pretending to play dead out there on the internet. Some do it to avoid taking a bath and, more commonly, others do it for treats. Whatever the reason it is almost always adorable to see and enjoyable for everyone involved. The dog gets to please its human and work for a reward while people seeing it get to smile.

A beautiful German Shepherd named Sam performs one flawless performance of this age old trick and it may be the best version out there!  Sam’s rendition of playing dead is on par with what a professional canine actor would be expected to deliver. Her owner asks if she wants a treat and naturally she perks up with anticipation and goes towards him.

He tells her to stay and she obliges by sitting on her hind quarters with her two front paws dangling in the air, looking absolutely loveable. Then he backs up a few steps and says “BANG!” Right on cue Sam lets out a yelp as if she really has been shot and turns dramatically around in mock distress while going down on the floor.

She rolls over onto her back and puts all four paws up in the air, then looks proudly over at the camera. She has the trick down to an art and the yelp she adds is what places her above the competition. The trick is not done in vain as the owner then gives her a treat for doing such an excellent job. This puppy needs a role where she can showcase her acting skills and good-looking face.

She definitely has the most original and dramatic version of the playing dead trick I have ever seen!

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