What Does Your Tongue Reveal About Your Health? Go To A Mirror And Check Yours Right Now!

The condition of your tongue can be a strong indicator of your overall health, and particular colors, sores or texture of the tongue will give you specific indicators of what is going on.  Now here’s the good news! Seeing hills and valleys on your tongue are normal patterns that indicate you have a Healthy Mouth! Always check with your doctor or dentist if you feel like something isn’t right.  The following are conditions of the tongue that may indicate something might be wrong.

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A Bright Red tongue, over a period of time and not related to a red food you have eaten, can be indicative of a Deficiency of Vitamin B complex and Iron.  It may also show a sensitivity or allergy to a particular toothpaste, medicine or acidic food.

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As bad as it looks, dark coloration or Black Hairy Tongue, is not dangerous.  It is a sign of very poor dental hygiene, that results in an overgrowth of tongue papillae (“hair”) that traps bacteria.  As disgusting as it looks, it is easily remedied by improving dental hygiene.

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A White or Powdery looking tongue means the same thing as Black or Yellow Tongue; bacteria stuck in dense tongue hair due to poor oral hygiene.  The causes may be the same as well: dry mouth, smoking, or a yeast infection which can come from antibiotics, all contribute to the tongue’s ability to fight bacteria that get stuck in the papillae.

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A Pale or Yellow Tongue may also indicate low hemoglobin or problems in the lungs or colon.  This symptom should be checked by a physician.

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Small Cracks are usually a sign of aging, while White Patches are mouth irritations that often appear on the bottom of the tongue.  More commonly found in smokers, these lesions should be checked by an oral surgeon, who will determine if biopsy is indicated to rule out cancer.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

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Small Red Lumps should be examined immediately, as they could be indicative of oral cancer.  You shouldn’t think twice about seeing an oral surgeon for biopsy.

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Painful sores in the mouth are usually a stress reaction that are very painful. They will often disappear with reduction of stress, but if they don’t, or if they keep coming back, you should have a professional evaluate them.

As you can see the tongue can give you a great deal of information to help you to monitor your health. Watch the video below for further discussion of this important topic.

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