He Puts Toilet Paper On The Carpet And Heats It With A Hair Blower. The Reason Is Unexpectedly GENIUS.

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Practically every household in America has at least one hair dryer somewhere inside of it, especially if a female or person with longer hair lives in the home. The powerful gadgets are a beauty tool staple that make drying and styling hair a lot easier and quicker to do, but that’s not all they’re good for.

Household Hacker, one of the most inventive and ingenious YouTube channels out there, compiled a few of the most useful hair dryer hacks known to man in this video. These eight hacks are truly helpful so be sure to check them out because somewhere down the line at least one of them is guaranteed to come in handy! Without further ado, here is a breakdown of everything you need to know that’s covered in the video.

A common problem around the house are those ugly marks and stain rings that get left behind on furniture by hot or cold glasses. The unsightly stains are caused by moisture trapped in the finish and they can easily be removed by blowing hot air on the spot for a few minutes.

When you need to blow up an air mattress don’t waste your time and energy doing it by mouth or with a vacuum cleaner which likely requires specific attachments (that you’ve likely lost). Grab a plastic bottle, cut it in half, and attach it onto the end of the blow dryer with duct tape. Stick it snugly against the air hole and turn it on the coolest setting, the mattress will inflate quickly and effortlessly.

One of life’s slightly more painful experiences is when it comes time to remove band-aids or any other type of adhesives from our skin. It can feel like you’re ripping your hair and skin off and often a dirty, sticky residue gets left behind. To eliminate the pain and the mess, set a hair dryer to warm and aim it directly at the band-aid for a few minutes. Now when you go to remove, it should peel right off nice and easily.

If you ever need to open a sealed envelope without tearing or ripping it apart, simply blow warm air on the sticky part where it’s closed shut. After a few moments, slowly and gently begin peel up along the edges of the flap until it’s completely open. Now you can add or remove whatever you may need to, and re-seal it, without wasting a perfectly good envelope or package mailer.

Spilling hot, liquid candle wax can be a nightmare, especially if it lands right on a nice rug or the carpet. Cleaning up the hardened mess is near impossible to accomplish, unless you use this trick. Place a couple of paper towels over the wax and blow hot air directly on the spot for a couple of minutes. The paper towels will pick up and absorb the re-melted wax, and you may need to gently press on them to help get it all off.

De-wrinkle clothing without putting it in the dryer or ironing by misting on a little bit of water or Febreze spray. Use hot air to blow out the wrinkles and smooth them out as you go. After about just a minute or two your clothes will be smooth and presentable.

If you ever run into the issue of your glasses not fitting comfortably on your head anymore, use a blow dryer to fix them and get the fit back to being just right. Find out what part of the plastic needs tweaking and blow hot air on it until you’re able to re-mold it into a shape that fits.

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