A Photographer Decided To Interrupt This Buck’s Dinner. The Deer Reacts By Doing The UNTHINKABLE!

Passing by a deer with giant antlers, chowing down on the side of a road, a photographer decides to coyly befriend him by asking some video-worthy funny questions.  The deer completely ignores his chatter as he enjoys his meal.

The photographer, undeterred, decides to hop out of his vehicle, and barely five feet from this impressive deer, attempts to get a close-up photo.  He probably thought that the deer, having ignored his chatter from the car wouldn’t notice.  He was wrong!

What ensues is actually not all that surprising, but it certainly surprised the photographer who was happily ready to get his close up of the animal, peacefully enjoying his roadside meal.  The deer thought otherwise and what you are about to watch certainly gave the photographer pause.  Let’s just say he made a joke about his many years of being a vegetarian; Ouch!!  Not so jovial now!

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